September 12, 2022

3 Different Ways of Generating Passive IncomeBe Financially Independent - Outside the matrix

You would like to do things differently. But what if you quit your job? What if you stop your business? What if you sell your house? What if you don’t have a big savings pot and you have children you would like to give a different life and no alternative income?
Despite all this, we decided to take the plunge in May 2020. And it turns out that if we take that leap of faith, we will find another solution for our income. Without having to work. Thanks to our knowledge of the Law of Attraction and the teachings of Abraham Hicks, knowing that everything always works out for the best for us, almost a year after we left, alternative forms of income came our way.

The first one was Coop Crowd. A super simple concept: You donate $1 a day. Find 3 people who do the same. And you have an ample income. Unfortunately, it has once again shown that most people are convinced that it cannot be that simple. They have been taught by their upbringing and school that you have to work hard for a comfortable income, otherwise it is a scam (they do not want to know that these are actutally limiting beliefs).

With the enormous drive of hubby, this went quite well. BUT… Even most people who got on board could NOT tell others that it really was that simple. So Leo did presentations for everyone and helped them through the registration process. The hardest part of the whole concept was actually the application process, hahaha.  At the beginning of this year, he was signing up at least 1 donor per day and helping everyone. Regardless of whether he knew the soul and what level they were at.

Until he actually had more than a full-time job at this. Than he discovered the downside. People just didn’t show up online for an appointment, but they thought they should be helped at another time. There was no commitment, no conviction, no decisiveness on the part of others, with a few exceptions. After 4-5 months of pulling the cartwheel, he felt this took way to much of his time. He felt depleeted. He recorded a presentation that people could share, so that he did not have to do it personally. And then it collapsed. It is now slowly bleeding to death. And we think that is fine. In the meantime, we’ve also noticed that integrity is sorely lacking at COOP Life. So we would advise against it altogether.

It did proof to us, that you can receive money WITHOUT working, and much better alternatives had come our way in the meantime!

Our biggest lesson: Don't start something if you need others to receive money yourself

Have you ever thought about the words EARNING MONEY? Do you earn money? Are you worthy of receiving money? Have you pleased your employer enough to receive money? Most of us need a mask to do the job. You can rarely say everything you want. You can rarely be honest and have it acted upon. Thinking you have to earn money keeps you stuck in the matrix. Receiving easy money turns out to be the best thing there is! So we can follow our passion and realise our dreams! And that is what we wish for you too!

Everyone is worthy receiving money! You don't have to earn that.


NRGY DeFi System

NRGY is a DEcentralised FInancial System. That means a separate economy, where there are NO owners. Anyone who has invested in NRGY can be seen as an owner. With the financial resources that are thereby freed up, companies are given the opportunity to launch their Decentralised APP within NRGY. 5% of their total revenue is distributed to those accounts that have 25 NRGY or more. This does NOT provide immediate income, but has huge potential. The first DAPP to be launched is called StarStake and is revolutionary!

DRIP Network

Although we went in with different information, we discovered that DRIP is a form of yield farming with a GAME element and GAME rules. After this, we gained new insights and would do it differently for ourselves. You get the chance to get it right the first time! With our FREE 10 DRIP strategy, your income starts after about 9.5 months and you build up income for about 5 years. After that, it’s over. Start with 10 accounts – investment less than $800 (Sept 2022). DRIP does require action. At most a few minutes on some days.

PLC Ultima

PLC Ultima is well on its way to forming a totally new economy. Where cars, houses, fuel, electricity, groceries can be bought with 50% discount, they offer their own credit card, soon their own exchange…. They also offer 9 different farms, which have an interest rate between 40 and 60%. The purchase amount of the farm will also be returned to you afterwards. PLCU offers income after at least one month and for at least 12 months. It is also a great way to make savings grow fast! The rate of PLCU has already been higher than Bitcoin ever was.

After our departure, our regular bank, the Rabobank, decided to take away our credit card, because we did not have a job anymore. They did not care how much money was in the bank. After getting involved in DeFi’s (Decentralised Financial Systems) we learned about Nexo. Nexo is a crypto banking platform offering high interest rates on a variety of cryptocurrencies and stablecoins along with crypto-backed loans. Users can earn interest on EUR, GBP, and USD. They also have a limited exchange. So this bank is actually for regular currencies as for cryptocurrency! What a great combination!

“Nexo is one of the most popular platforms that allows its customers to earn compound interest on their cryptocurrency that is paid daily. Nexo is a crypto platform that is also a borrowing and lending platform. Even though it is not considered a decentralized app, it uses protocols and blockchain technology on the platform to execute transactions. The user can not only earn cash through interest using their crypto, fiat currencies like USD, GBP, and EUR, but also borrow cryptocurrencies using crypto coins as collateral. Collateral is crypto funds you would put up for a loan (if you don’t repay, they will sell it to cover the default). You do not earn interest in crypto that you use as collateral.”  Written by

For us Nexo is THE best alternative for a regular bank.
Nexo even has it’s own coin NEXO. If 10% of your portfolio is in NEXO, you get the highest interest rates and the lowest fees.
Even when banks fall, NEXO will still stand. They are completely seperate from any Central Bank. They have their residence in Switzerland, and you know that that is a good thing. Not only is Nexo a rising star, because of that their coin is also rising. And your helping Nexo with their business. And the coin is worth more and more… Brilliant concept, we think.

For us Nexo is a way to park savings AND get interest on that.
We have applied for their Nexo Debit Card and have used it for online payments, like toll, ferry and parking in Scandinavia. Apparently the Netherlands does not approve of Nexo… And also that proofs that Nexo is actually a good thing.

For every payment done with the debit card, you also get a reward. AND you always get to choose with which (crypto or regular) currency you want to pay the bill… You are fully in control!

We highly recommend opening up an account and apply for the debit card. And park at least a portion of your savings here. Of course also PLCU and NRGY are great projects to park your savings and let it grow. But Nexo is also a great way to escape the bank crash that is about to happen…

If you use our referral link, you will get $25 in Bitcoin. And so do we. We always love win/win 🙂
(PS know that the reward is only given if you transfer at least $100 to your Nexo account)

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