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October 1, 2022

NEXO, the alternative bankMore info AND a step by step guide

In today’s NRGY presentation, a lot became clear about what is to come on the financial front. The elite want to introduce a CBDC.  A Central Bank Digital Coin. Normally, the algorithms are put in a smart contract. They can not be changed. The special thing about this CBDC coin is that it is programmable!!! That means one can change EVERYTHING whenever they want. That means they can, for example, determine what you can spend that coin on. For example, NOT on meat. Or not on organic fruit. Or not on certain medicines. Or that you are no longer allowed at work because you have been in a certain place. Or being denied your insurance because you don’t exercise. Etc. Etc. Videos were also shown (catch the replay here) literally admitting that the ‘beauty’ of this CBDC is that ALL transactions can be traced.

Of course, we know they are trying to ban cash money (which is already succeeding a lot better in the Netherlands than in Portugal!!!). But with a digital coin, printed money no longer exists. And everything can be manipulated.

Among other things, it was said that loan waiving, currently in America, is the way to go. Apparently, they have already started waiving student loans in America (this was confirmed by our daughter who has friends in the US – and check this article of the White House). I hope the students who accept this, do NOT sign anything for this. Because if they do, this will give the government enormous power! And they will soon be trapped.
According to the presenter, this is the ‘mark of the beast’. It could be, but the C-vax, in my view, has already made a start with this. This group is already traceable from now on.

Do you want to have a choice?

Then arrange your finances differently now. First of all, get an alternative bank.
We have had an account with Nexo for some time now, and we are very content.

Nexo is an exchange (a platform where you buy and sell), a bank (with its own debit card – Mastercard) and Wallet all in one!

At Nexo, your savings are safe AND you receive a nice interest rate. A friend of ours, took our advice to heart, put money there after selling a house, and reported that after just 6 days he had €300 interest!!! Your interest is credited daily!!! So you also get interest on interest.

We were also able to get another debit card through Nexo. Thanks to this debit card, we could happily pay the toll in Scandinavia, among other things, as well as book the ferry from Norway to Denmark. At the end of 2020, the Rabobank took away our credit card, because we no longer have a job (even though it had much more money on it than we could ever have realised in our working lives!!!). Since then, some payments have been a challenge.

After all, many foreign payments now tend to go through a credit card. Although I’m already very happy that with my business KNAB account I also have a PAYPAL construction, so that was already a nice alternative if allowed.

But having a real debit card does make things easier!


“Why did I choose Nexo? Even before I entered the world of Crypto, DeFi (Decentralised Finance) and NFTs at all, I did a lot of research on how it works. Gradually, I discovered how the whole crypto thing worked. Because of my background in terms of education, where I did a lot of programming, I quickly saw through the blockchain structure. This also made it clear why crypto (and what is related to it) is decentralised: the blockchain is on millions of computers and maintained by as many people. There is no central owner, like a bank. Similarly, Nexo then came my way.

But what is Nexo then? Nexo is a company that focuses on growing your wealth and securing it on the one hand and, on the other, focuses on creating innovative, convenient and sustainable solutions in the lending market. A kind of bank, in other words. With this difference, that they use blockchain. Through their website, like many others, you can use both the blockchain and their products. They have a wonderful mission statement that also appealed to me:

Disrupting the financial system, one bit at a time
Mission statement Nexo

You can read all about Nexo on their website here. When I created an account with Nexo, it was mainly because they would provide a debit card in the future, which is what I signed up for. I have since received this foreign debit card from Nexo and have already used it to withdraw cash from ATMs in the Netherlands. So you can very easily turn your crypto into euros and bypass the system of banks.

What appeals to me? Besides the debit card, Nexo was and is also interesting to me because they first did a lot to build up the company, giving it body and name recognition. In addition, they DO give interest on your balances and these are credited to your account daily (!). They have linked a loyalty programme to the amount of interest to be received, so the user decides how much interest he or she receives or pays. The more you invest in Nexo, the more beneficial it is for you.

I have invested maximum myself, because I believe in this company and its growth potential in addition to its benefits. You only need to invest 10% of your ‘assets’ (total portofolio – total what you have in credit) in Nexo to benefit maximum.

Not only do you then get more interest and pay fewer fees, the more people invest in Nexo, the more the Nexo token increases in value and so the ratio of your investment automatically grows relative to the rest as well. Currently, in my case, it has grown to more than 25% and here I can also pay with it if I wanted to.

In addition to being a wallet, Nexo is also directly a decentralised crypto exchange, a DEX (decentralised exchange). You can buy/exchange your Euros (EURX) or other (crypto) coins and tokens there for others. And since Nexo also has a cashback policy, you are rewarded for using your debit card and other promotions. Nexo also has a pro site for merchants, which I don’t use. Nexo, unlike other exchanges, supports multiple platforms over which the coins and tokens can be traded.

By the way, I checked out which wallets also provide debit/credit card, besides the well-known big boys, a number of others were also mentioned, including Nexo. I want to add at least one more wallet with debit card, so that I can spread even more risk and my funds are spread in several places and no longer (like before) in 1 (savings) account.

Much love,

Open your account at NexoAnd receive $25 in Bitcoin (look at the website for the 3 steps)

Of course, you can go right ahead and open an account there yourself. Transfer money to it, so the money is safe. Because if the banks fall, Nexo stays put! It is not involved in WEF practices. Their mission statement already proofs that.

In addition, you can make sure you buy some crypto, such as the NEXO coin, for instance, which determines your ‘level’. And that determines the level of your interest and the fees you pay. And of course, it can be the start of also joining Decentralised Financial Systems such as NRGY and PLCU. Because creating an income OUTSIDE the current system, will create freedom for you.

It’s not difficult, but if you want a guide, we are happy to provide it!

Our mission is for you to be financially independent, so that you are FREE to make the choices you REALLY want (living from your heart).

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