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April 27, 2022 (and regularly updated since)


Alternative Pension AND Passive Income all in one

I am under the impression that a new revolution in crypto is moving forward. One that is no longer only about trading (buying and selling coins), but that new ways of making money with crypto is growing and that a new generation of people is embracing crypto now, with these new opportunities. Because the Financial System as we know it, will sooner or later crash. All countries are broke. And daily large amounts of money are being printed. In this time and age of computers it’s never been easier to add some numbers to the available amount of money. Not caring about the increasing devaluation of money. We started to dive into crypto last summer (2021) and have discovered a few nice opportunities. And NRGY is one of them. Why do we believe in crypto?

  • Crypto is decentralised, which means that every transaction is traceable at an incredible number of computers. That is why fraud is almost impossible. Yes, it’s relatively easy to brake into one computer and change data, but doing that in thousands or even more computers is almost impossible. So it’s very safe.
  • Crypto also belongs to NO ONE, and therefore belongs to EVERYONE! That means we can all benefit. The creators can think of something and put it into a smart contract that can not be changed, so changes afterwards and cheat. they can stop it though at any moment though, which makes it also possible to fraud with. Research on the seriousness of a token/coin/project is always necessary.
  • Crypto is outside the banking system. The digital crypto wallets are invisible and untraceable for the governments. Although Coinbase is giving information to the UK government, Binance is giving it to the US government, Bitvavo is giving it to Dutch government. So be aware if you use one of these and live in that specific country. As long as you are not transferring money from your crypto wallet to your bank account, they will never know the amounts you have there.

On September 30th, 2022 an important presentation was given. It explained about the plans for a CBDC: A Central Bank Digital Currency, that should be used all over the world. And although we bought at the beginning of 2022, I know get the true meaning why it is so important to be part of a decentralised financial system. This is the interesting part of the presentation:

I think you now get the full idea of why it is important to have an alternative income source, that can not be controlled or monitored. And how cool is it, if you invest once, and will get royalties for as long as you have that investment done? NRGY is a one of a kind project that allows you to receive huge amounts every month… We know what we will do with it. Buy as much land as possible and create free states all around the world.

NRGY is a unique DeFi project, where you can be part of the bank, that allows other businesses to grow. NRGY uses the power of revolutionary financial technologies to create a growing networkcommunity.

Watch and discover why NRGY works as a DeFi system.
And you can be part of an alternative bank:

By investing in NRGY, you are making it possible that more DAPPS (Decentralised Applications) can be made. AND… Everyone who owns 25 NRGY or more, will receive a part of the 4% of the total revenue of all the DAPPS (also what will come)!
And everyone who has 500 will get a share of 5% of the total revenue.

Even the group with ‘only’ 25 NRGY is still small. So far they only did word to mouth. No advertising. At the time of making the video, there were only 150 accounts with 25 NRGY or more. In October ’22 it’s about a 1000 accounts. And the farther the project comes, the higher the price will be to start and the less people can afford to have 25 NRGY  And the group of 500 NRGY consists only of a few. In October ’22 around 25 accounts.

How much can you possibly earn by staking NRGY?
Look at this example:

Check here what the monthly income potential can be:

So, by investing in NRGY, you help make it possible for multiple DAPPS (Decentralised Applications) to be made. AND… 4% of the total turnover that all DAPPS will make will be distributed per 25 NRGY holder. If there is an account with 77 NRGY, it counts as 3x! And everyone who has 500 shares in 1% of the total turnover.

Even the group of people with 25 NRGY is small. Two months ago were told that there are around 1,000 accounts with 25 NRGY or more and 25 accounts with 500 NRGY or more.
But now that we are almost at the end of the first 40-week minting where the excess NRGY could NOT be sold, there has been a change:
By listing possible income scenarios myself in Excel, I had already figured out that while having 500 NRGY gives some benefit, if you had 20 accounts of 25NRGY, you came out better.

That has changed now! To prevent many people from selling their (excess) NRGY because they only need 25, they have now stated that per every 25 NRGY an account provides a share of the royalties. So if you have 75 NRGY, you will receive 3x the royalty amount. And if you have 500 NRGY, you will thus receive 20x the royalty amount per 25 NRGY!

Then, of course, there is the 1% that goes to the 500 NRGY holders. And that group, too, is now growing significantly. Especially since Duane shares during zooms what was bought by the creators at the beginning, I can make a nice estimate of how much x 500 NRGY is approximately staked.

I have therefore made a calculation assuming another 50% more. In this, you can already see that having 500 NRGY is now super-lucrative. AND… the best part… The price of NRGY is now so low that you can have it for less than €6,500!!! What an income potential. Wow!
And those amounts I mention are not unrealistic:

In fact, the NFT market already had a sales volume of 41 billion by 2021!!! And the largest NFT marketplace Open Sea sold a whopping 1.26 billion worth of NFTs in September 2022. Their record sales date back to January 2022, when they turned over a whopping 5 billion in 1 month!!! And the company is only 5 years old.

Check out the income potential below!

What can holding 25 or 500 NRGY mean in a passive incomestream? Check the schedule

StarStake is only the first DAPP that has been developed, and it will really take off in January 2023. In January, news is also expected regarding the next DAPP project whose turnover will also count! Because StarStake is only the beginning!

PS for us, it’s not about getting rich… It’s what we can do with money. And our goal is to buy as much land as possible and create free states all over the world. I hope you share that vision and we can work together in this! Because the more people who have an extremely high monthly income, the more we can achieve! And since the income is decentralised, NO GOVERNMENT HAS INFLUENCE ON THIS!

You can still benefit from a huge increase in value now. Because you buy NRGY on the Ethereum network for around $12 dollars (click here for the current rate) . You stake NRGY (lock NRGY) on the Matic/Polygon network, where the exchange rate is currently worth over $453 dollars!

So your investment is instantly worth 37x more An ROI (return on investment) of 3775%!!! And that’s without any royalty paid out!

What is currently your total investment?

25 NRGY at $12 + $5-25 in transaction fees = approx. $325
500 NRGY at $12 + approx. $150 transaction fee = approx. $6,200
(PS at 500 NRGY at once, quite a lot is lost. Advice is to buy it in small packets of e.g. 50 NRGY)

This calculation was made with the rates from December 21, 2022

Click here to check the NRGY rate on ETH network
Click here to check the NRGY rate on the Polygon/Matic network

Flowchart created by BonCryptoGuy for quick insight in how the money flow goes:

You might wonder, nice to receive a share in the revenue of DAPPS, but who says they will come?

We have some GOOD NEWS for you! The first DAPP is currently launched in phases and will fully launch in January 2023:
It’s called STARSTAKE!!!

And boy, will it be special: It’s an extremely revolutionary idea: An NFT royalty based marketplae for intellectual property. StarStake will allow anyone who deals with that (singers, writers, songwriters, artists, musicians, architects, designers etc) to build and interact with their audience immediately.
From crowdfunding to selling tickets, from merchandising to rewarding fans for sharing their latest album on social media. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. Even releasing their own coin. Aside from all the big social media platforms, Aside from the big banks, Aside from the big recordlabels and managers. But with full control AND in a seperate decentralised economy. How cool is that!

This is a short introduction of STARSTAKE, to get a better idea:

And this is the Creator Hub for Stars and Brands:

Below you’ll see the second pre-launch video from and about StarStake (dec. 2022)

Would you like to know more details about this new platform? Maybe you yourself are someone who deals with intellectual property (singer, lyricist, author, architect, recipe maker, drug manufacturer, film producer, designer, artist, artist etc., then it is definitely interesting to check it out and further share with everyone who is active in that area, because they will soon be able to create an account there for free. And personally, I think everyone involved in the beginning is going to benefit immensely, and will benefit from greater exposure, thanks to the fact that at the beginning of this startup, the supply will not be huge yet.

The project has been delayed quite a bit. Partly because there is NOTHING like it in the whole world yet. And after they also involved their target audience, made the choice that the followers and fans of stars and brands should also be able to buy without crypto, technically it has become a huge state-of-the-art project. Completely in WEB 3 technology, which means it is fully DECENTRALISED! Yaaay!

And what is very important… This is a way out for anyone who is fed up with the algorithms of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube etc, because the data is yours in StarStake! Even an email is sent as NFT! And of course, I as a fan would like to be kept in the loop as I support my STAR by buying tickets, crowdfunding, NFT bucks, merchandising, paintings or whatever. There is a personal connection on StarStake that is not so easily achieved anywhere else. AND, the STAR can even reward its fans by e.g. making part of the royalties available to a superfan who has shared e.g. 10 songs. (Almost) anything is possible!

Want to get started? Follow the steps!

Do you want to be part of the alternative bank and invest in NRGY? I have created a new page with all the steps.

> READ carefully and don’t skip any steps.
> NEVER give anyone your seedphrase (12 words that together are your password) to access your cryptowallet.
> ONLY share your walletaddress, which is similar to your regular bank account.

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