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June 17th, 2023

Vidafy also in The Netherlands and EuropeThe newest revolution in the health area

Self-healing is something everyone has in them. This is actually your natural state of BE-ING. (Limited) beliefs, experiences and what others tell us have an impact on our natural state of BE-ING for most of us. For quite a few years I thought self-healing was the only way.

Solve your shit and heal

I have since come back from that. Yes, every disease/disease/challenge has an origin. And if that origin is not also addressed, it will come back to you, often in a different form. Apparently there is something you need to learn that manifests itself in your health. That doesn’t mean you can’t take another route. So

Work on your shit and choose what fits you

Is that the chemo, is that the medicine, is that the coaching… Whatever brings you closer to your SELF and helps you solve the cause. Most medical solutions are just a symptom relief. But in the end you have to choose your way. That road, which you think, for you, brings success. What you rely on. What you believe in. And what you think is worth trying regardless of the outcome. (Be happy no matter what)

And if something crosses my path, of which I see and read how much positive impact this has on the health and therefore the life of humans and animals, then I almost feel it is my moral duty to inform you.

What I’m sharing with you in this blog, is one of the most natural and affordable ways where you don’t need a doctor and you can at least try and see if this helps you get rid of something that hasn’t worked so far. Anyway, I wish you well!!

Sometimes people and opportunities come your way that you FEEL important. That you have to do something with it. That’s how I came across an American man who does a lot of energy healing, so I’ve already had a number of sessions with him. He is also a great network marketer. He promotes products with which he achieves very good results. For example, I have already purchased the sound-healing device HUSO through him. What a delight! (Currently Leo uses this for his inguinal hernia, among other things). Last year the American told about Vidafy and my interest was immediately sparked. Why?

Firstly, because it is a natural product, with super-concentrated turmeric. And turmeric is already known for its beneficial effects on health. And the second reason was the extreme results that people get when using this supplement. I wish that for everyone!!!

On March 25th, Vidafy gave a pre-launch meeting for the European market in the Netherlands. Last week was the official opening. Time for me to step in now AND tell you about it.

Who or what is Vidafy?

Vidafy finds its start in 2016 in Mexico while the founders, Shane and Laura Brady, were living there. They wanted to create something that would empower others to take a path towards health and wellness. Vidafy derives its name from the word “vida”, which means life, and “fy”, which means to convert. This inspired the company’s slogan, “life converted”,

Shane has an MBA from New York University and over 22 years as a global executive in the wellness industry. After learning the Hidden Secret of Supplements he was prompted to launch Vidafy Global and share it with the world!

Shane’s search for optimal delivery of promising natural ingredients like curcumin led him to a patented nanotechnology from Germany. We call the breakthrough BioMS™ Technology, which stands for biotechnology with micelle solubilization.

The BioMS™ Technology helps the body to absorb the curcumin with more than 277%! That’s why people experience incredible health benefits. Continu reading for more good news:

Vidafy’s Mission

To convert lives to greater health & wealth.
10 drops at a time

Yeah, cool… But what does Vidafy offer?

As you probably know, alternative means are no longer allowed to indicate what they are good for. So here’s that disclaimer ;-). Fortunately, people share enough of what they’ve been through. And in the end that is more important than a label 😉 .

You probably already know that turmeric is incredibly good for health. It’s just difficult to get large amounts of it. With their BioMS™ Technology  they have not only managed to improve the absorption of turmeric by the body by up to 277%, but also that 10 drops of the product Curcumin Plus is equivalent to 8-10 kilos of turmeric root, 32 turmeric capsules (80% extract) or 1.6 kilo turmeric powder!!! Just think of eating that, as a daily dose 😉

The drops are also popularly known as ‘Golden Drops’, golden drops. Most take 10 drops a day (1 bottle = 1 month), others 5 or 15 or even more. Depending on what their complaints are. Even pets get drops and do well on them.

Testimonials – What are users saying?

A group has been set up on Facebook where all users share their (often amazing) results and special healings. You can only join this group with a referral. Message me on Messenger and I’ll add you to that group so you can see for yourself. On entrance you have to answer that you are entering via Hilleen Dijkstra 😉 .

Below I show you just a few of these wonderful experiences. There are so many!

But first I’ll tell you the story of 72-year-old Danish Betty. I spoke to her personally, because the American put me in touch with Betty. Betty has a 50-year-old severely handicapped daughter. Her daughter was born healthy, but had a very serious reaction to the whooping cough vaccine as a baby. So her daughter has been more or less a plant all her life and can no longer do anything and had severe epileptic seizures several times a week. All these years, Betty takes care of her daughter, who still lives at home. (Talk about taking responsibility!)

In addition, her husband had a cerebral hemorrhage about 7 years ago. He was always her support and strength, but now she had to take care of him too. Due to the impairment of his speech, a really good conversation was no longer possible. That took too much effort. She also got that on her plate too.

After 1 year of using Vidafy, she has a daughter who can now, for the first time in her life, indicate what she wants. A miracle for Betty! Finally response from her daughter! In addition, the very heavy epileptic seizures multiple times a week are down to 2-3 minor seizures per month!

Her husband has now regained his motor skills and speech! Last weekend he even sat on the mower again for the first time!

And Betty herself sleeps well for the first time since she had her daughter. She was always in the ‘on’ position. Alert if something was going to happen to her daughter. And now she falls asleep like a baby. This gives her even more energy and looks years younger!

Personally I think this is already a GREAT result. But many more great results are shared in the group!

The two most important products by Vidafy

There are two different products with the BioMSTM Technology with only natural ingredients! Both bottles contain Curcumin (33mg curcumin in Nanofy and 31mg in Curcuma Plus) and Vitamin D (280 IUS in Nanofy and 360 IUS in Curcuma Plus). Nanofy is the oldest product. And it works fine in most cases. If you have a sensitive stomach or suffer from reflux, the Curcuma Plus is recommended, which also has some ginger (10 mg) and Vitamin C (7.5 mg) added.

Dr. Jeremy Thornton explains the difference between the two products. The text above is my abbreviated version of his message 😀 .

Ingredients: Curcumin (from tumeric root extract) 33mg, vitamin D ((colecalciferol) 7mcg, Polysorbate 80
(Polysorbate 80 is an emulsifier used to create the micelle shell which is excreted by the body, therefore not absorbed)

Suggested use: Take 10 drops a day diluted in room temperature or a warmer liquid of your preference and stir, do not shake. To enjoy with a cold beverage add ice after stirring in the product. 

Contents: 1 glass bottle of NANOFY with BioMS™ Technology which contains 15 milliliters of liquid with a dropper. At 10 drops per day a bottle is designed to last a full month.

Price: Standard price is €50,- ($50) per bottle. So around €50,- per month to support your health.

Ingredients: Curcumin (from tumeric root extract) 31mg, vitamin D ((colecalciferol) 9mcg, Vitamin C (l-ascorbic acid) 7,5mg, Ginger (from ginger root extract) 10mg, Polysorbate 80
(Polysorbate 80 is an emulsifier used to create the micelle shell which is excreted by the body, therefore not absorbed)

Contents: 1 glass bottle of CURCUMA PLUS with BioMS™ Technology which contains 15 milliliters of liquid with a dropper. At 10 drops per day a bottle is designed to last a full month.

Suggested use: Take 10 drops a day diluted in room temperature or a warmer liquid of your preference and stir, do not shake. To enjoy with a cold beverage add ice after stirring in the product.

Certifications: CURCUMA PLUS with BioMS™ is Non-GMO, Allergen Free, Gluten Free, TÜV Certification, Hallal certification

Price: Standard price is € 60,- (or $60) per bottle, so around € 60,- (or $60) per month for supporting your health

How can you get the products by Vidafy?

Vidafy products are NOT available in stores. Vidafy has opted for a word-of-mouth approach. Whereby the person who tells about the product can receive compensation from Vidafy. A user who is enthusiastic is the best ambassador for your brand. So if there is no intermediary such as a wholesaler or store and no marketing, there is money left to reward their ambassadors for spreading the word. This form of trading is also called network marketing. You are under no obligation. You can also ‘just’ be a customer. No, not just. You are always just special ♥

There are 4 ways to get your Vidafy product:
    1. You purchase directly from me, and I’ll give you the product when we see each other. (Or someone else you know who sells the products 😉 . You pay the standard price.
    2. You purchase online through my personalised page that Vidafy offers: You pay the regular price and receive it in the mail. During the order process you create a customer account with Vidafy.
    3. You want ánd a better health ánd benefit the 50% discount ánd love to have more bottles in stock, you choose the smaller starterbox of €160 and order this here online.
    4. You want it all!! You want the better health, you want the 50% discount, you want to share it with others ánd you want more income?! Than the larger starterkit of €360 is the one to start with (in Europe that is!) Click here to order online. If you also like to sell bottles yourself, you can then continue by ordering bulk packs . Please know that the starterkit is necessary to start with in order to get the rewards/bonusses for spreading the word and selling.

As enterpreneur/distributor you only pay HALF for a bottle. So only €25 or €30, for 1 bottle (and therefore 1 month of supply)! If you’d like to test it first, you can start with becoming a customer first and pay the full price… If you want to continue, you can order the starterkit and then have the 50% discount as well. You can purchase a bottle directly through me (call me at: +31681941252, I love to hear from you 😀 ) or you order online yourself. Also as a customer I think 50-60 euro per month is not a loth if it removes a lot of issues, and can even get you off medicines!

“I’m not interested in network marketing”

That was my first thought and it might be yours too. Still, I promote it regardless of the concept. Because I think it’s a revolutionary product that transforms the lives of an incredible number of people, I just don’t want to keep quiet. And the supplement simply costs a lot less if you are an ‘entrepreneur’ yourself. That’s what I call win/win 😀 .

Even Roy Martina, who has made no less than 800 supplements, is enthusiastic about Vidafy! His only objection was the network marketing! Same as with me. He also sees that it has no side effects, but can provide enormous health improvements. Watch here the interview of Patrick Powers (who took care of the introduction in Europe) and Roy Martina at the beginning of this year.

Dr. Jeremy Thorton has made videos about Vidafy products on YouTube. He often briefly explains what something is for. But sometimes he also does live and answers submitted questions. So you can also find more information there. Because personally I find the information on Vidafy’s website only brief.

In short

Vidafy offers 2 natural supplements with turmeric, which, thanks to the BioMSTM Technology, ensure a particularly good absorption in your body.

So you can simply place your order in the online shop as a consumer, you can also buy a bottle through me (provided you live nearby – I prefer not to ship anything). Or you create a ‘distributors’ account and order your products with a 50% discount. As said, you absolutely do not have to do network marketing. You can just do it for yourself. And if everyone does it for themselves, we will also make the world a lot healthier!

I’ll tell you honestly: I know almost nothing about the rewardsystem myself. I do know that it can yield quite a bit if you promote the curcuma supplements. Check the global rewards and bonusses here. If you want to know in detail, message me via Telegram, Messenger or email. Then I’ll look into it for you. It is also new to me at the moment and I suspect that I will automatically build up more knowledge in this. But since those fees are not my main reason, I don’t know the details yet 😏 .

Important to know

Respects the ancient cultural knowledge of root working

VIDAFY believes they can contribute to the well-being of modern people just as they have been for our ancestors for millennia.

100% Natural ingredients only

Our ancestors knew that nature had everything we needed to live long healthy lives.

Drops that continue being active in your body for 24 hours!

Gewoonlijk zie je nauwelijks effect van kurkuma in het lichaam. Dankzij de BioMSTM technologie zijn de waardes 24 uur lang goed meetbaar!

If you have questions, if you’d like more info, or if you’d like to talk or what ever (also if it’s not Vidafy related 😉 ) , feel free to get in thouch through Telegram, Facebook/Messenger of email.

PS: Even though I’m writing this because I’m from the Netherlands and are staying in Europe, a lot of countries are already participating, like United States of America, Colombia, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Australia, New Zealand and it can be delivered to any country, even outside these countries!

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