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NRGY - Step Guide How to Buy and Stake NRGY

You are sure! You’ve investigated NRGY and you are ready to invest in NRGY, be part of an alternative bank and help start-ups and other companies with brilliant ideas to publish their decentralised Apss (dApps) for their target group. Everything is around building communities where everyone benefits. Follow these steps and join the growing group of people whoe are doing things differently!


  1. NEVER give anyone your 12 word ‘seedphrase’ or password of your digital wallet
  2. Leo and I will NEVER contact you if we’ve not been in touch before. Only AFTER you send us a message we will respond.
  3. Follow these steps in the correct order, to make sure you do it right
  4. If you have questions, ask them in our Telegram group NRGY for Freedom

Leo is also available on WhatsApp HERE

FRAUD ALERT: LEO WILL NEVER CONTACT YOUR FIRST. YOU TAKE THE INITIATIVE!! That way you are certain that you are talking with someone who is Leo and is not pretending!!  (there are a lot of scammers out there, unfortunately)


STEP 1: Download and use the BRAVE browser for all your crypto affairsSkip if you already use the Brave Browser

Out of security reasons we advise you to use the Brave Browser for ALL your Crypto activities. After all you will have a digital wallet connected to the browser and it’s important to keep it safe where no one can touch it!:

Download the browser, install it and go through the steps. You do NOT need to create a wallet in the WALLET section in BRAVE…

STEP 2: ADD AND INSTALL THE METAMASK EXTENSIONSkip this step if you already have MetaMask in your BRAVE BROWSER

Go to:
Click on Download for Chrome if you are working from your computer
You then have to accept privacysettings from Google (tip: deny everything) and > Accept

Important: You don’t have to log in to Google to activy the extension!)

Follow the steps on the screen
and click on ‘Get Started’:

Choose the right option if you are new to MetaMask:

Follow the procedure to get your Secret Recovery Phrase.
It is a VERY IMPORTANT step and you must keep the 12 words on a safe place. Look at it as a pincode from your bank card. As soon as someone has the right order of these 12 words, they can get hold of your wallet and everything in it.
You can take a look at the video or continue with NEXT

If you’re ready for the 12 words to be revealed, click on the dark grey area:


Next you see a screen with the 12 words. Here you have to put all the words into the right order. Selecting first
Word 1, then WORD 2 etc.

And you’ve finished this phase!

For your convenience you can create a Quick Access to your MetaMask Wallet in your (Brave) browser:
Go to the hammer in the right upper corner, and then you see MetaMask click on thea  and your MetaMask Wallet is added, so you can just click on the Fox to get into it.


You can add multiple accounts and networks to your MetaMask Wallet. The (Ethereum) Main Network is with the ETH token is the Standard network.

In order to see NRGY in your wallet it is necessary to add the Polygon/Matic Network.

Go to a new tab in your BRAVE browser en  open:

Type in the SEARCH bar: Poly. You will see 2 choices. Choose the Matic Mainnet RPC

Click on ADD TO METAMASK and confirm

STEP 4: Add the tokens NRGY and USDC

It’s important to add the 2 tokens, so you can see what’s in your wallet AND what kind of transactions have been done and in Matic you will also see the rewards.

First pay attention to the green dot with the Network name. Choose Matic Mainnet and click at the bottom: IMPORT TOKEN

Copy this code for NRGY into the field Token Contract Address:
and click on IMPORT TOKEN

Now it’s time to do add the USDC token to the ETH Mainnetwork:

At the green dot, choose the ETH Mainnetwork and click in the bottom IMPORT TOKEN

To add the USDC , simply type USDC in the search and choose this USD Coin:

Press IMPORT and it’s added

STEP 5: Download the MetaMask APP and install

METAMASK also has an app for your smartphone that makes it easy to check your status.
Go to your appstore/playstore and download it to your smartphone.

METAMASK is hardly synchronising, so the steps done for the Desktop, have to be repeated.

AND you will need your ‘seedphrase’, the 12 words in order to activate your wallet on your phone.
Please do NOT save the password on to your phone. Fill this in everytime you open your smartphone. If your phone get’s stolen or lost, they can not enter your wallet easily, they still need the password!

ATTENTION: This is almost like a new installation. So many of the steps will have to be repeated and you will need your seedphrase and password. Have them available! 

After installing click on the Hambugermenu > SETTINGS > NETWORK

Add also here the Matic network AND the token adresses of NRGY and USDC (see step 4).

STEP 6: Buy and send USDC and a little ETH to your MetaMask Wallet

In the schedule below, you can see the number of NRGY you need to buy in order to have 25 NRGY after staking. Since a BONUS has been given since february! Every 4 weeks the bonus dropped 10%.

The actual rate of NRGY you’ll find on this website:

On November 17th, 2022 the rate is around $36. And you need to buy 23 to have 25 staked, since the 10% bonus is active. That means that you need to buy crypto: $850 in USDC and around $30 in ETH

. Please also take price changes of NRGY into account!

Buy USDC through a crypto exchange as Nexo. Creating/Having an account makes it even more easy.
Also be sure to have ± 0,04 ETH for gasfees (transaction costs)
Send these both to your MetaMask Wallet. You can find and copy the address here:

Your walletaddress is like your bank account number. It’s ok to share with others. 

STAP 7: Connect the Community Builder to your MetaMask Wallet

The Community Builder is especially built for NRGY. To make buying and staking NRGY as easy as possible.
AND if you like, you can also find your affiliate link here. You can share that with others to get them exited about this project as well.
If they jump in you will receive 15% in USDC.

Do this EVERYTIME when you go to this website.
Through the MetaMaskWallet App you can also do this quickly buy going to the Browser, choosing the Community Builder and checking your status.


The code in the field INVITED BY should be this one:

If not, please follow these 3 easy steps, to get the right link there. You can not make changes afterwards.


Since we joined them, they have simplified the NRGY buying and staking process tremendously. Just by going to this part in the Community Builder:

In the field AMOUNT you type the amount of USDC you want to purchase NRGY for and STAKE ON POLYGON.
Staking means you invest. In this case it will be locked at least until December 2022.

As a thank you for your investment, you will receive a weekly reward. The more people buy and stake NRGY, the higher the reward. So everyone benefits! And that is why telling others about this opportunity will help your NRGY grow quicker.


You are now officially part of the NRGY Community.
Of course you want to see regularly how many NRGY you have, what the rewards are.
You follow this procedure:

    1. Open the MetaMask Wallet on your phone
    2. Click on the Hamburger Menu and go to BROWSER
    3. Copy this link:
    4. Connect your wallet

This place you want to visit regularly, because here you’ll see the number of staked NRGY. Including the bonus.

ATTENTION: After staking it can take up to 24 HOURS BEFORE the staked number is visible. So don’t panic immediately!

You will also see the weekly reards here. The more people buy and stake NRGY, the higher the weekly rewards will be. (that is why sharing this opportunity will help you AND them!)
AND soon you will find a button where you can recompound (stake) your weekly rewards ONCE PER MONTH. You can also decide NOT to stake the NRGY and keep them for selling when the rate goes up (a lot) somewhere from December that should be possible..
There is a selling fee of 32,5%

There are about 90 weeks to left to receive rewards. So a lot can happen in that time!

NB 1: Everyone with 25 NRGY (or more) receives part of the revenue of all DAPPS. Someone with 100 will not receive more than the one with 25 NRGY.  That is why it can also be interesting to stake 13,5 NRGY in 2 accounts, instead of 25 in 1. Trusting that the average weekly rewards will be more than 1,5%, you’ll have 25 NRGY after one year as well… In 2 accounts and that means… profit double!

NB 2: Everyone with 500 NRGY will receive a lot more in royalties, because the amount of accounts having 500 NRGY will be small. So if you have the chance to stake 140 NRGY now (including the bonus), than with 1,5% weekly rewards x 88 weeks should also turn into 504 NRGY. You wait a little longer for that success, but once there, you’ll be one of the FEW. We’ve done the math and it’s more lucrative to have 500 NRGY then to have 4 accounts with 25 NRGY

We want to be transparent and that is why we are sharing this info, that was NOT available when we bought NRGY in the beginning of 2022… We don’t expect you to understand everything. ASK if you want to know more in our Telegram Group. We’ll also make a video with more explanation and showing you the calculations we did.

Join NRGY on Discord to know everything first hand


Investing is at your own risk. We can only share something that made us $ 250.000 in less than 6 months.
And we want you to have passive income, so you can break free from The Matrix.
We can not guarantee you anything.
You do have influence on the success. By telling ot
hers about Starstake and the investmentopportunities in NRGY with a high Return on Investment..
Once Starstake is a hit, only rich people will be able to stake 25NRGY.

Check the original post with explanation here: