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7 februari 2023

'Something better lies ahead'A mindfuck to put yourself at ease

How often does it happen? A dream job, a dream house, a dream partner comes your way and yet it passes you by. While you feel in every fibre of your being that this is it. So how can it still pass you by? I and with me a lot of spiritualists then regularly say that something better will come your way. But is that really the case? Last Saturday in the car, the realisation suddenly dawned on me that it was indeed probably perfect for you. But that you were not yet a vibrational match with what presented itself. You apparently need to raise your frequency before you can have that. But instead of that realisation, we soothe ourselves with that it wasn’t predestined. But actually you weren’t ready.

The law of attraction works like a magnet?

The law of attraction says that ‘like attracts like’… equals attract each other. Even magnetism is often used as an equation for this.

But have you ever noticed that if you hold two batteries with the pluses together it repels? Precisely when the + and the – come together, the magnet attracts to each other. How does the law of attraction work like a magnet and is it equals attract? Many people also say that this is how it works in relationships. Opposites attract each other. If you are too much alike, sooner or later things will go wrong… or you can see it as a mirror and resolve your issues. Wonder how many people really manage to stay together as equals for a lifetime!

This is why I actually much prefer to talk about the ‘law of vibration’. Every person has their own frequency. But everything around us also has a frequency. And we get what we send out (vibrate).

Manual for life – understanding how it all works

Since reading the book: ‘Ask and it will be given’ by Esther and Jerry Hicks in 2016, I have finally come to understand how everything works in this world. Unfortunately, the very American title does not do the book justice. For me, it really is a manual for life. One that children should be required to read. For someone from a Christian background, I could only read the book with a few pages at a time. Then it had to sink in again and I had to absorb the information again.

The book was also the answer for me, why The Secret doesn’t work. After all, it is not your thoughts that create anything, but your feelings. The day before yesterday, I saw Gregg Braden’s video again in which he points out that research has shown that the magnetic field of the heart is as much as 5000x stronger than that of the brain.

You don't manifest by thinking, you manifest by feeling

Just looking at a dream board, has no use

You can make a dream board and start looking at it daily, but if it’s just looking, it has little effect. Especially the feeling you get from having or doing what you have put on it sets the energy in motion. If looking at that board makes you happy, then it’s perfect! With that emotion you set something in motion… That’s why the English word ’emotion’ is such a beautiful word… Because with emotion you put energy in ‘motion’.

Abraham Hicks, as well as other sources, indicate that feeling good is important for the manifestation process. Of course you can feel sad once in a while. But if you get stuck in that, it becomes self-pity and that is not a serving emotion, at least if you want to be consciously working on realising what you love.

Get a good feeling in just 68 seconds!

There is duality in the world, which many see as being divided into ‘good’ and ‘bad’. Now, what if you knew that what feels good fits your BEING? And anything that feels ‘bad’ doesn’t suit you?

What if feelings are just a compass for the direction you are going? How do you get up in the morning? Happy that there is a new day? Do you feel like what you are going to do that day? If not, what will it take to change that? Abraham regularly says ‘eager for the day‘. A wonderful expression. Fancy the day. Why not have that feeling every day?

In case you don’t feel the sense or happiness or joy that way, Abraham Hicks has a very nice and short exercise for that: Think exclusively about something that makes you happy or joyful for 17 seconds. And after 17 seconds comes a new thought that is in that same energy. If you keep this up for 68 seconds, i.e. 4x 17 seconds, you will have immediately reversed a bad day from the start to a good day. This 12-minute video explains this very nicely: .

The funny thing is, when I was in a very nasty layoff in 2003, I noticed while working out what my thoughts were doing to my body! Some exercise machines measured my heart rate, because to lose weight, I had to stay under x number of beats per minute. So then I had to exert less effort if I went over it.

With my enormously busy head at the time, I could even think about the ‘injustice done to me’ while working out.

At the time, I was totally unaware that nothing happens without a reason 😉 .

Whenever I thought of my employer at that time, I would see my heart rate go up. I would then change my mind and see myself flying over beautiful fields of flowers. Awesome! And then I saw my heart rate drop tremendously!

I have witnessed what thoughts do in my body!

You can’t just focus on the positive. That’s a spiritual bypass (really?!)

In the past 2.5 years, I have learned a lot, including about people and how they are in life. That’s how I discovered the term ‘spiritual bypass’. At first, I only understood half of it. Now I also know that this term is regularly used wrongly. Especially when it comes to positive thinking….

There are many who say they want to shine light on what happens in the dark. They say that by ignoring that, you are doing a spiritual bypass. Because, they believe, without the dark there is no light….

But if that dark is not your darkness, why would you want to shine light on it? What you are actually doing then is pulling that darkness into your life. Because you are dealing with that energy, even if you say you are not. If the dark does belong to you, then the dark disappears as soon as you shine light on it. It really is that simple. And, however you may look at it, precisely because of the duality of light and dark, there is a choice in life. And you may therefore choose the light, without finding anything of the dark.

Focusing on things that make you happy really works, I can say from experience

On top of that, since I read the book and then watched countless videos on YouTube (there is an answer from Abraham on every question you have) and understood more and more about why I focus entirely on things that make me happy, my life improved at a rapid pace. My self-love skyrocketed. To the point that I even dared to risk my marriage to get the change I needed. With or without hubby. It became happy with hubby!

And precisely because I understand more and more about how the law of vibration works, how you attract whatever fits how you feel, the more I am certain that it can indeed be your dream job, dream house or dream partner. I know it’s up to you if you don’t get/receive it.

And precisely if you don’t focus on feeling good, don’t keep your frequency high enough as a result, what you want (that dream job, dream house, dream partner etc) doesn’t suit you at that moment. Limiting beliefs also play a role in this, of course. These too are lower frequencies. Because maybe you don’t believe (deep down) that you are good enough, not sweet enough, not nice enough, that you won’t have as much money, that you are not smart enough etc.. And probably then you don’t focus enough on everything that does go right in your life.

So I dare to say, that appeasing ourselves by saying that there is 'something better ahead', is a sham

Something else lies ahead… actually means, you are not going to receive what you wanted, but what is a vibrational match NOW.

Because apparently you still have to learn something, before you are ready to receive that. Until you do get into that same frequency to receive what you really want most of all.

But if this is how the game is played in life. Then why not immediately focus on feeling good?

And if I come across something on my way tackle it immediately and not get stuck in it?

A good suggestion is, before you go to bed, start reliving 3 things in your mind from that day that you really liked

Was it that ray of sunshine, was it that cup of coffee, or that phone call. Go back to the moment with your mind for a moment. FEEL that nice feeling that memory evokes and be grateful for it. Not only will your sleep improve, but your life will change for the better at an accelerated pace.

And what do you have to lose? Is feeling good such a sacrifice? Or are you worth it?
Are you allowing yourself to get into that higher frequency so that you start receiving that dream job, that dream house or dream partner? Or would you rather keep telling yourself that it ‘wasn’t meant to be’ and that ‘something better is waiting for you’?

I hope you can be honest with yourself and choose for yourself and thus work on yourself so that you are in the higher frequency as much as possible and manifest faster.

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