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September 17, 2021

The 3 Birthfrauds That Turn You From a Human Being To a Legal Entity

After the whole sherade turned out to be a plandemic with a man made virus that has over 2000 patents attached to it, I learned even more. I learned about a birth trustfund. The website was in Dutch. And even though that is my mother tongue, I understood very little. There was a Facebook group attached to it. But they were very rude. More or less saying that all information was there and it was up to me to use it. They obviously are oblivious to the fact that you have to understand something before you can use the information.

And somehow one day, before we had a talk ‘about the law’ I refound the YouTube video Strawman – The nature of the cage. It can be a language barrier, but I did not understand the word Strawman. And I had started on that video maybe 6 months ago. I did not finish watching it. It was made in the UK, it’s long and I did not know if, what they said in that video, would be the same for me.

What does Strawman mean? The explanation from the dictionairy:

  1. an intentionally misrepresented proposition that is set up because it is easier to defeat than an opponent’s real argument.
    “her familiar procedure of creating a straw man by exaggerating their approach”
  2. a person regarded as having no substance or integrity.
    “a photogenic straw man gets inserted into office and advisers dictate policy”

And from your birth a lot of fraud has been taking place. It’s time to unravel this.

This information has been carefully gathered and shared by Marc Peycker. We attended two of his talks lately. One on August 7 and one on August 28. And I really feel the need to share this information. Because I know that if you understand the fraud that has been committed, and understanding how you can rectify the unjustice that has been done, you are not a victim anymore. Because then you will have all the power. You will be even above those who say they are from the government and other governmental services.

I’ve also learned that the English language is full of symbolism and different meaning of words and legalise…
Did you know about these words?
Country:  COUNT-ry = is a land that counts the inhabitants
Parent: PAIR-RENT = is a couple that rents a child
License: LIE-SENSE = a lie that makes sense
There are more, but can’t find the list at the moment…

And the more people who see this and reclaim their rights as a living human being back, the weaker the system gets. And they know that. Because they also know the law.

Let’s begin!

First you have to realise that it is through language, use of words, and having so many laws that you can impossibly understand and know all about it. And that alone is making you already weaker.

What is LAWFUL and what is LEGAL?

Lawful : Being lawful, is an action that is not forbidden by law. Being free. It is actually for humans. And it should act as a guiding. We really don’t need many rules. The principle: DO NO HARM, is covering almost everything!

Legal : Being legal is an action that complies with formal rules. To say that an action is “legal” would imply that it is done in accordance with the forms and usages of law, or in a specific manner.
We’ll add to this description, this is THE WAY to control people.


At the website of Dun & Bradstreet all companies are found AND their turnover. Look at the lists of governmental services that are actually all companies. I’ve added some country links and the amount of businesses that are for public administration purposes. If you follow the link, you can see for each corporation what their turnover is.
Why? Because every country is a BUSINESS.

Belgium:  13.598 companies: watch here

Germany 31.927 companies: watch here

Italy: 14.947 companies: watch here

Netherlands  868 companies: watch here

A small country as Portugal with only 10 million inhabitants a staggering 7.879 companies.: watch here 
I do have a theory about it, but now is not the time to go into that.

Spain has 18.500 companies > watch here

UK  20.656 companies are linked to the government > watch here

USA has a staggering amount of 282.876 companies > watch here

A corporation can not impose rules on human beings.
It is done through fraud and legal friction.

So what are the 3 fraudulous things that the governments have done:

  1. Birthcertificate
  2. Trust fund
  3. Change your stataus to ‘Lost at Sea’

So let’s look at each one and explain what has happened:

Birth Certificate

The first thing we are supposed to do, is announce the birth of a child officially by registering your child at the townhall.
The English language is filled with legalise terms… And word all have a different meaning.
So by registering your child, you are handing the authority of the child over to the king (or the authorities nowadays).

By giving away your authority over your child, means also… That the child protective service really can come and take your child away from you.
The only reason they CAN and are ALLOWED to do that, is because of the Birth Certificate. Without one, they have no authority. And they know this!!

Maybe you have noticed that the name of your child (or yourself) on the birth certificate is written in all capital letters? And have you also noticed that all official documents have your name in all capitals? Why do they do that?

Because by REGISTERING your child, they create a PERSON. A person is a legal entity. It is not a human being. It is a company, an organisation, a business. a vessel.
And legal entities are written in all capital letters. By giving that person, YOUR NAME, you identify yourself all of a sudden as a person, instead as a human being. You think the person and the human are the same. But they are not!!

AND as we already saw, every country is a company, a business. A legal entity. And since they can not dictate human beings, they created persons, so they have a legal say over them. And the human being, with the same name as the person, thinks when they refer to its name, that he is the same as the person. And because he identifies as a person, they actually can put rules upon you.

Go look for letters from the bank, your mortgage, phone bill, eletricity company, school etc.  and check the stones at a graveyard… how were names spelled? On the other hand, we also discovered that even the copy of our marriage agreement, or our birth certificate are in small letters. It really doesn’t matter anymore how your name is written. If it’s governmental, corporate they are addressing the person. Because they can not address a human.

And remember what you just learned. Because there is more fraud to be exposed.


The second fraud they commit is open a trust fund with your name (or the name of your child). This trust fund is opened on the PERSON’s NAME, so with all capitals.

Why is this?

The natural way of life is that our community provides everything we need.

Private bankers (so the most wealthy families in the world) are paying for this trustfund. They are also funding all state banks in the world. And the more money is in debt, the more money they can create. So it litterally comes out of thin air. Because since the digital revolution, money is just a number in the bank. No need to have the money in cash available. That is also why they want to have digital money only, because than there is no limit to the amount of money they can create. Anyway… I’m drifting off…

The start capital of your trust fund is your birth-weight in gold, at the rate of that moment. This is Europe. I heard a man named Peter Straight talking about that everyone being born before 1975 has a 1,5 million trustfund and from 1975 2 million dollars.

And your trusts pays for bankloans, fines, taxes, school, mortgages, creditcard payments, gas, elektricity (when not privatised), lawyers, lawsuits in court etc.. AND it’s recognizable by receiving invoices with your name in ALL CAPITALS.
So the fraud is that these organisations, (banks, electricity and gas companies, schools, tax departments, car registars, police departments, courts, lawyers etc) already receive money. BUT they will write to you (as a person). And since you recognise your name, you think they are talking about you. You are not aware that a business with your name was founded at your birth.
So you pay, with your hard earned money…
And look at all the taxes they withdraw from your salary?! That was already paid for by your trust!!! You just paid double again.

This truly is the biggest scam in history and completely set up to keep you small. To only focus on how to pay the bills. Instead of living your life, exploring and expanding your passions and creativity. So you will not evolve as a soul with a human experience, you will have no time to think about how to do things differently. This system is set up to make slaves. In a very clever way. Because I know, that many people who will read this, will think I’m the crazy person. I’m happy to take that risk. It says more about that person, then about me. They clearly have not investagated this.
But if I learned one word since 2020 it’s ‘Cognitive Dissonance’. Because for most people it’s unbearable that some people in this world are this f*cked up (excusez-le-mot).

I must say, that I am very happy to see, that more and more people are letting go of the so called ‘security of a job’ and choose to follow their heart. Because they are starting to escape the matrix, the prison that was created for them, while thinking they are free…

Change your stataus to 'Lost at Sea'

In 1666 a new law was put into place. And for those who understand more, it is no coincidence that numbers and signs are a huge part of the culture of the elite, and that the year 666 was chosen.

The main customers in those days were fishermens. They had ships/vessels and needed those to be insured.
Admirality was in charge of the Royal Navy. And Admiral Law comes from there.

Ships can sink. And especially in those days, it happened that ships and crews did not return. For whatever reason. Maybe it sank, maybe it got lost, or maybe it just stayed in a different spot.

But how could those behind move on? And when would a trust be paid out?
In 1666 they decided, if a ship (or the crewmember) did not return within 7 years after they left, it was declared ‘LOST AT SEA’. This is basically saying: DEAD.
No one has claimed that they are still alive, and therefore are declared dead.
And the state puts himself in the benificiary place. They use it as a franchisee.

What does that have to do with the current situation?

With your birthcertificate a Legal entity, also known as vessel, is created.
A trustfund is then opened.
BUT… Since no child is going to go to the townhall and say: HEY, I’m still alive…
After 7 years, they are declared LOST AT SEA…
And since there is no heir that claims the trustfund: you didn’t even know you were pronounced dead, let alone that there is a trustfund to be claimed. Nor did your parents, nor do other people. So no one will even be able to claim it, because they simply did not know that this even existed.
Therefore the state claims it.

And uses your money, they are able to speculate with it, lend money, so they will receive more money…

Why do we know it’s fraud? For several reasons:

  1. You did not sign a contract

  2. There is no informed consent

  3. There is a way out, which would not be possible if it weren’t fraud

So in the end I discovered that