September 19, 2022

PLC ULTIMA OFFERS A COMPLETE ALTERNATIVE ECONOMY FOR EVERYONETotally outside the matrix - worldwide - in many languages

PLC Ultima is the best we have found so far when it comes to an alternative economy. Not yet 5 years old, but already more than 1.1 million users. They have already achieved a lot and there is still a lot in the pipeline. For instance, they want their own exchange, purchases with their debit card gives a cashback of 50-100%!!! And yes, that’s really true. Cars, houses, fuel, energy, groceries… everything will soon be for sale via PLC Ultima. Its creator Alex Reinhardt wants the best for people, and it is wonderful to see how he is working day in and day out on his mission. PLC Ultima is not only THE perfect way to quickly grow your current money, but also to invest in and hold, as the coins are guaranteed to go up in price!

What do they say about them?

Currently, PLCU’s share price is super-favourable (close to €3,700). And is almost at where it once started. The currency has also been worth above €100,000. So why did it fall so much again?

There are a few reasons for that:

  • People who have the coin in their wallet and see that there is a hefty price AND therefore a huge profit margin will then sell
  • People who only have a coin and speculate have no idea what else is behind it: That e.g. they can get many more coins with their coin or a debit card
  • PLC Ultima is growing thanks to the community. And thanks first to a huge growth spurt, fewer people are currently joining who are willing to take on PLC Ultima as a ‘job or business’ (we don’t want that either). So proportionally fewer people are joining to buy PLCU
  • PLCU is not yet sold at the major exchanges and it cannot be because PLCU is currently still used for farming. A form of interest on interest. And Binance (the largest exchange), for example, does not allow this.
  • Ensuring that PLCU can indeed be bought at a Binance requires changes. We are currently in the middle of that. And that creates turmoil.
  • The golden rule in SALES and in CRYPTO is: HODL. That means holding. In fact, you rarely need to sell anything at a loss unless you buy at a peak. Otherwise, the strategy is: HOLD on until better times. So never use money you need to use in case of a broken washing machine or car. This should really be with money you have ‘left over’. Then you avoid having to sell at an inappropriate time.

Worldwide, there are already almost 1.1 million users. What is a surprise to me is how the distribution is by country! India appears to have the most PLC Ultima members!

The country with by far the most users is, surprisingly enough, India with 32,8%! Germany is on rank 4 with only 5,85%

Alex Reinhardt himself learned to use blockchain technology successfully for himself and he wanted as many people as possible to be able to do the same, without having to have as much knowledge and commitment as he needed. He partnered with a group of experts in blockchain technology and combined it with various business models and they created a unique minting technology (PLC Ultima holds 2 patents. Thanks to the minting process, new coins are created. And through farms, people can freeze coins and get (a lot of) interest on them. Alex his mission is to have 1 million millionairs.
See this English-language video for more explanation:

We currently receive an interest of around 50% and can live from that!

How can you use PLC Ultima for yourself?3 amazing options - you decide what fits you

Debit Card + CashBack Programma

PLC Ultima offers their own Debit Card. It allows you to pay in all currencies (crypto and FIAT currency) and even withdraw cash. Their card is valid in more than 100 countries. Daily limit of up to €150,000! AND transactions are out of sight of your regular bank. In addition, an extensive cash-back programme will be launched soon. From cars to houses, fuel to household items…. With 50 – 100% cashback!!! Really!

Passive income thanks to Farms

Download the Ultima Wallet and Ultima Farm app, buy PLCU (and optionally exchange it for PLCUX). Commit part or all of it to a farm and receive a passive income back for at least 12 months. And at the end also your initial purchase of the farm. Compare it to committing money for 12 months and receive a very high reward/interest in return. These farms can also be used if you don’t have enough funds to fill the farm completely, then you can also reinvest the interest you receive.

Grow the community & build your own team

Want a quick (big) income, without big investments? Or do you currently have no job and would like to help people become financially independent? Then build a team with people who also want this. Even if you come from the world of affiliate marketing or MLM, this could be interesting for you. Of course, you also help people who ‘just’ want to receive a lot of interest on their savings, and/or who like cash-back programmes.

Download the 2 apps for FREE!


Download to your smartphone


Download to your smartphone

The different options PLC Ultima offers all have one goal: Getting financial freedom, so you can live outside the matrix and do what you love. Let us help you decide what fits you best:

PLC Ultima shares 6 TOP SECURITY RULES to avoid losing your assets

◾️ A stranger writes to you with an offer to earn money or plea for help
❌ Do not trust anyone, do not send your details, do not follow the links that they may send to you.

◾️ You follow a link without checking it
❌ Make sure you go to the official website of the project. Save the official website to your bookmarks. Check sketchy websites by using an anti-phishing tool:

◾️ They offer to connect your wallet to somewhere
❌ Connect your wallets only to trusted sites. Create a separate wallet with a minimum balance to connect to websites for checking.

◾️ You are approached by an admin or project founder with an offer of assistance
❌Admins and founders of real projects and chats NEVER approach users first.

◾️ You have some new coins in your wallet that you did not buy
❌Don’t hurry up to sell them. This may result in anything that you have in your wallet being stolen.

◾️ You have been added to a project’s chat or channel
❌ Trust only those channels and chats that you have found and added by yourself. For security reasons, we recommend that you disable adding to groups in Telegram (Privacy and Security – Groups – My Contacts only).

🔔 Friends, be vigilant and always check any information coming to you.

PLC Ultima's 5 Golden Rules for the Crypto Market

🌐 Everyone knows that cryptocurrencies and the first acquaintance with them can result in a loss of funds for you, if you are not a professional trader. And since the crypto market is characterized by high volatility and mood swings, we recommend following the 5 Golden Rules of the crypto market to save and increase your assets.

Buy coins at a low price, and sell them at a high price

Buy and keep coins for at least 3 years

Constantly buy more coins and keep them

Do not sell coins at an undervalued rate, but wait for the desired price

Do not neglect the 5 Golden Rules under any circumstances!

These nuggets about security and golden rules are shared in the official PlC Ultima channels on Telegram. Join it to learn more and to stay updated.

PS We’re not actively building a team, we do like to help people with information like this.
You DO need a referral ID to create an account and I appreciate it if you use mine: 6142144767

The sign-up pages and info video’s are also in other languages such as Hinidi, Russian, German and Spanish.
If, in any case, you have questions after this much information, feel free to reach out to Leo or me. You’ll find our details here

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